WAWC papers

This section contains research reports, advice notes, consultation responses and other material produced by the WAWC as part of its work to improve the welfare of wild animals in the UK.

Consultation responses

October 2019

WAWC review of the taking and killing of birds under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 - animal welfare

WAWC response to SNH consultation on General Licences for Scotland

May 2019

WAWC reponse to DEFRA call for evidence on General Licences for England

April 2018

WAWC response to DEFRA consultation on implementation of the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards

April 2018

WAWC response to Bovine TB: DEFRA consultation on revised guidance for licensing badger control areas (England)

April 2018

WAWC response to Bovine TB: DEFRA consultation on proposals to introduce licensed badger control to prevent the spread of bovine tuberculosis in the Low Risk Area (England)

January 2018

WAWC response to Scottish Government consultation on Improving the Protection of Wild Mammals in Scotland


May 2018

WAWC newsletter: Consultations, conference and GDPR

External publications

This section contains publications and information from external sources such as government and other agencies relevant to wild animal welfare in the UK.

Ethical principles in humane wildlife control

The WAWC supports the principles set out in International Principles for Ethical Wildlife Control, published in 2017 following an international workshop including contributions from two WAWC members, Chris Draper and Sandra Baker.  The paper has been translated into an attractive infographic which clarifies the principles for a variety of users.