Mission Statement

  1. The Wild Animal Welfare Committee (WAWC) is an independent group providing an evidence base for evaluating, monitoring, assessing and improving decisions affecting the welfare of free-living wild animals in the UK;
  2. The WAWC will highlight the importance and value of wild animals in general, and promote the welfare of the individual in particular;
  3. The WAWC will aim to reduce harm to wild animals and prevent suffering caused by human activity;
  4. The WAWC will disseminate objective information on a range of wild animal welfare topics;
  5. The WAWC will commission and publish independent reports on contemporary wild animal welfare issues of public and political concern;
  6. The WAWC will work to promote the awareness and improvement of wild animal welfare;
  7. The WAWC will engage with organisations that can contribute to its evidence base.